Taichung Bike Week Press Releases

Posted date : 2016-10-24 18:02:11

Once again TBW has proven an outstanding success for everyone. 488 exhibitors gave new OE product introductions to visitors from all over the world. The addition of the Lin Hotel, meant that this year we had five 5-star hotels accommodating TBW and grew by 15%. Exhibitor usage of booths varied from the super sleek presentations at in the Ride On group to the free beer booth from Duro Tyres.


Show Organizer and Pro-Lite CEO, Steve Fenton commented “I recall in 2004 when we started to get a group of us together being asked to get more exhibitors together and see if we can create a mini exhibition. This was so easy to do because the show in Taipei was now far too late for OEM product sellers and also for bicycle product managers. In no time at all we had taken over two hotels from top to bottom and we were soon adding a third venue that allowed us to add 300 more exhibitors. It makes me so proud when people come up to me in the street to say thank you for the event and how much they appreciate the effectiveness of our format to that of an exhibition center. Not to mention the costs savings and the most important fact that because of the timing a lot of business gets done.”


TBW is an event run by the industry for the industry. No one gets paid to run this event. I and the rest of the team dedicate our time to making sure the event meets the industry’s needs.

Our goal moving forward is to continue to look and listen to what the visitors and exhibitors want. So with this in mind we are today announcing that in 2017 the dates of the event will be held between October 17, 2017 and October 20, 2017.

This factor is very important because it means that exhibitors don’t have to think too hard when comparing the cost of being at TBW to being in an exhibition center. Steve Fenton stressed. “My company spends on TBW only 3% of what it costs to be at Taipei cycle show. Not only that, we do real business, and in privacy. At exhibition center venues you say hello to people you talk to almost every week. That’s a very expensive way of saying hello.”


TBW is also based right at the very heart of the Taiwan bike industry, with 80% of Taiwanese are within 40 minutes drive of the city. After TBW, many buyers choose to visit their customers nearby. Indeed it was the visits of bike industry buyers that led to the birth of TBW.

There is right now a lot of talk within the industry on why Taipei Cycle Show wants to move its dates to one week after TBW. For TBW we understand our focus is OEM and that we will continue to do the best we can to cater for OEM. At no stage do we plan to merge with Taipei cycle show. The whole concept of TBW is to keep costs down and do business. Merging of the two shows make no commercial sense whatsoever, all it will do is inflate the cost of doing business.


Posted date : 2016-10-20 09:19:40

Taichung, Taiwan, 10/18/2016 -Taichung possesses mountains, rivers, and robust bicycle and sports equipment industry clusters. The city also offers a convenient system of bike routes and the iBike bicycle rental system, as well as a full infrastructure for recreational travel, industrial and transportation. As a result, Taichung has the wherewithal for development into a healthy, sustainable, exercise-loving city and a bicycle travel hotspot.

Apart from its existing Coastal Bikeway, Tanya Shen Green Bikeway, Dongfeng Bikeway, Houfeng Bikeway, Hanxi Riverside Bikeway, and Gaomei Wetlands Bikeway; the city's Dajia-Houli, Dajia-Rinan, Houli-Wufeng, Fengyuan Boulevard, Huanhe and Wufeng Wuxi bike routes will be completed by 2020 or sooner. In addition, the cities and counties of Taichung, Changhua, Nantou, and Miaoli are also working hard to complete a network of bike routes. Taichung further plans to hold the East Asian Youth Games in 2019, and has obtained the right to host the Games' cycling competition. We hope that when global tourists think about cycling, they will think about Taiwan first.

The bicycle industry—which can definitely be considered a green energy industry, has consistently been able to wrest growth from adverse conditions during global economic recessions. The success of Taiwan's bicycle industry in international markets is known to all, and Taiwan has become the world's center of high-end bicycle R&D and manufacturing. Because of this, Taichung Bike Week (TBW) is held by the industry in October each year to showcase the high-end bicycle and parts made by OEM suppliers, and also provide a forum through key industry figures and product managers. This grand event has won the attention of the global bicycle industry, and has been growing steadily in size and importance. Taichung City Government began organizing accompanying services for visiting industry personnel seven years ago, and its support has earned praise from domestic and foreign cycle companies. As a result, bike industry members—both from Taiwan and abroad, think of Taichung when they think of bicycles in Taiwan. TBW has also become one of the city's major annual events.

Thanks to steadfast teamwork on the part of the Taichung City Government and everyone in the industry, TBW has grown in size by double digits on an annual basis. In the past, the number of display venues and lodging space in hotels was insufficient to meet demand, and many firms had to settle for being on the waiting list. This year, however, the 2016 event will also include the Lin Hotel, as well as the original Splendor, Evergreen, Tempus, and Millennium hotels. The number of exhibiting firms this year will surpass 480, representing 15% growth compared to last year and setting an all-time record. We expect this year's TBW to attract more than 5,000 domestic and foreign buyers to view products and discuss the next model-year's specifications, We hope the 2016 TBW is a rousing success, and wish the bicycle industry a prosperous coming year!

Taichung Bike Week is different from all other bicycle trade shows. Spread out over four Taichung hotels—The Tempus, The Evergreen, The Splendor and the Millennium Vee, the event is solely for bicycle component brands to introduce their new products to international OEM customers. The event attracts—and is only open, to bicycle product managers and local suppliers from all over the world. The private and more informal format of TBW allows for the bike industry to conduct the business which will decide designs of future bicycles with unprecedented efficiency.

Taichung is the natural choice of location for such an event. For decades, Taiwanese companies have been at the center of bicycle production for nearly all the world's major bike markets, and 60% of all Taiwanese bike products are manufactured in central region surrounding Taichung. For many years, product managers from around the globe having been coming to Taichung regularly in order to meet with suppliers, and decide their next bicycle specifications. Indeed, TBW has its roots from enterprising sales representatives renting rooms to display their company's products in the hotel where many of the product mangers stayed when they came to Taichung.

Over the past six years, the event has seen phenomenal growth from these roots with a handful of participating brands. This year over 480 brands are exhibiting at the four hotels—approximately in The Tempus, 103 in The Evergreen, 10 in The Millennium Vee, 255 in The Splendor and 55 in The Lin. Although the format of the show precludes accurate gathering of visitor numbers, this year, approximately 5000 bike industry visitors are expected to congregate on Taichung for the show.

At the Millenium Vee Hotel, brands participating in 'Ride On' will give English product presentations to international visitors. Additionally, on October 18, 'Ride On' will hold a ' Taiwan Day' at the Nan Shan Center, where participating brands will present their products in Chinese for Taiwanese and Chinese assemblers and producers.

TBW is strongly supported by the Taichung City Government, which along with logistical support, are also hosting a welcome dinner for exhibitors and visitors in the evening after the second day of the show (October 19). Taichung City Mayor, Lin Chia Long, is determined to promote both the bike industry and cycling culture within the city. The Mayor has established the 'Bicycle 369 Project', in which the "3" is for the establishment of 300 iBike rental stations by the end of 2017, the "6" is for the development of bike paths with a total length of 600 km, and the "9" means the provision of more than 9,000 iBikes—the city's public bike-sharing scheme.

For more information please visit our webaite at www.taichungbikeweek.com

Posted date : 2016-10-20 09:07:05

Service Dates: October 18, 2016 to October 21, 08:30

Service runs between : Splendor Hotel, Evergreen Hotel, Tempus Hotel, The Lin

Posted date : 2016-10-20 09:04:43

Event Name:

Taichung Bike Week (or TBW)

Event Type:

International Bike Industry Show

Dates & Time:

October 18~21, 2015 (Ride On: October 18~20).



Taichung City - Tempus Hotel Evergreen Hotel

Splendor HotelThe Lin

Millennium Vee Hotel (Ride On)


488 Global Bicycle Industry Brands (15% growth from 2015)


5000+ International bicycle industry members including: Bicycle company executives, product managers, development managers, production managers and other trade representatives.

Service Locations:

Splendor Hotel – lobby; Evergreen Hotel – lobby; Tempus hotel – 5th Floor; The Lin-- 3th Floor



Posted date : 2016-05-27 15:16:09

With Taichung Bike Week annually scaling to new records highs, the original exhibition space and hotel accommodation were inadequate, especially before the organizers added in the newly-opened Lin Hotel to allow for increased exhibition space.

The Lin Hotel is about 10 minutes drive from the existing exhibition hotels and is planning to offer a total of 138 booths in ballrooms on the 3rd and 6th floors. The Lin Hotel is offering an 'early bird' discount with 9 m2 square booths being priced at NT$42,800. The first 50 exhibitors to book a booth before June 30th this year, will get an additional 9 m2 booth for free.

The Lin is also offering a 20% discount on the rental of conference rooms which are available on the 3rd, 6th and 7th floors.

Customers interested in booking should contact Stephan Lin/Sales & Marketing Director.          Email: sales01@thelin.com.tw
Add: No.99, Chaofu Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407, Taiwan

       Web site: http://www.thelin.com.tw/main.php?sub=dining&moj=index&subInti=1&iType=1

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